To wake up by the window overlooking the ocean, to have breakfast with a fragrant omelette with coffee and buns, to go to surf spot to the sound of reggae… To get on the board for the first time, to ride your first wave! To progress under the leadership of experienced professionals. That’s all is a surf tour to Morocco.

€ 520 — a week «All inclusive»

Experienced trainers

The main instructor is Yassin Iddoush. An experienced surfer and bodyboarder, winner of numerous competitions, several times Moroccan champion, world champion in 2012. Yassin is assisted by other experienced instructors.

All inclusive

Accommodation, three meals a day, equipment rental, surfing lessons and transfer from Agadir airport or bus station are included. Only air tickets must be paid additionally.


The surfing season in Morocco lasts all year round and the school is multinational. Sometimes there are French, Americans and surfers from other countries. Training takes place in English.


Morocco is a country with a unique culture. You can visit the famous cities Marrakech and Essaouira, jump off a cliff into the cold water of Paradise Valley, walk through the fragrant eastern markets.

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All inclusive

€ 520 per week

Extra day — € 75

  • Surfing lessons under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  • Equipment rental. We will find a suitable board and wetsuit.
  • Transfer to and from Agadir, on arrival and departure day.
  • Transfer from the villa to the surf spot and back.
  • Accommodation in double or triple rooms. Single accommodation is possible for an additional fee.
  • One of the days of surfing can be replaced with a tour to the Paradise Valley, Tagazut or the local market.

  • Breakfast: omelette, buns, eggs, tea, coffee, jam.
  • Lunch on the beach: big nourishing sandwich with chicken or fish, water, cookies.
  • Dinner: meat, fish, stewed vegetables in tagine, couscous, chicken, soups.

Surf lessons only

€ 370 per week

A day — € 55

  • Surfing lessons under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  • Transfer to and from Agadir, on arrival and departure day.
  • Equipment rental. We will find a suitable board and wetsuit.

  • Lunch on the beach: big nourishing sandwich with chicken or fish, water, cookies.


We live in one of several villas. All of them are within walking distance from Devil’s Rock, a popular surf spot (it also offers a beautiful view of the sunset). The nearest major city, Agadir, is 30 minutes away by public transport.

Surf Level Camp

A three-storey traditional Moroccan house, surrounded by banana plantations. Located just a few minutes walk from the Atlantic Ocean. It has its own swimming pool.

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Banana Surf Camp

Soulful villa in Banana Village. Accommodation in rooms for 2-5 people. Several bathrooms, shared kitchen, shared chillout. There is a private pool.

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Villa Azur

Villa in Tamraght, surfers village. Accommodation for 2 people. There is no pool, but there is a soulful chillout on the roof: tables, poufs, a roof from the sun.

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  1. On the sand. You learn to lie down on the board, row properly and get up.
  2. On the foam. You learn to stand on the board on the water.
  3. It’s time for a line up! You will sit on the board and try to look smart, as if you know what you are doing. You ‘ll fall off the board a couple of times. And finally get on your first green wave!

The first half of the day (before lunch) is completely spent next to the instructors. Instructors will help all participants choose a wave, gain the right speed and get up at the right moment.

Part of the afternoon is devoted to independent practice. Instructors stay on the beach and you can ask them a question at any time.

Main trainer

My name is Yasin Iddush, I am a professional body-boarder, born and raised in Tamrakht, near Agadir.

In 2002, my brother brought me into the world of body boarding. This experience changed my life so much that I decided to devote myself completely to this sport.

In 2004, I took part in my first professional competitions, which were held in Tamri, north of Agadir. Since then, my main goal has been only one thing — to become the champion of Morocco and, of course, the world champion.

  • 1st place Regional Group D (Morocco Championship 2012)
  • 1st place in the championship of Morocco 1st stage, Ain sebaa Casablanca
  • 4th place in the championship of Morocco 2nd stage, El Jadida
  • 5th place in the championship of Morocco 3rd stage, El Mohammadia
  • 1st place in the championship of Morocco 4th stage, Jack beach Casablanca
  • Vice-champion of Morocco 2012, Casablanca Dar Bouaza
  • 4th place in the Agadir Open Championship 2011 in Imouran, Agadir
  • 2nd place in the Agadir Open Championship 2012 in Imouran, Agadir
  • Semi-finalist of the Agadir Open Championship 2013 in Imouran, Agadir
  • 1st place of the Agadir Open Championship 2016 in Imouran, Agadir
  • 1/8 finals in ETB 2013, Kenitra
  • 5th place in ETB 2012, Mohammadia
  • 5th place in ETB 2013, Portugal


Morocco is a country with a rich culture. There is a lot of place to visit. If you are tired of surfing, or the weather is bad on this day, you can go to Paradise Valley for free: an instructor will take you. Also, you can visit other locations on your own or for an additional fee. Contact us and we will tell you how to get there, or recommend a guide.


An ancient Moroccan city. From Agadir to Marrakech is about 3 hours by bus. Here you can walk through the ancient Medina market, see snake charmers and the Majorelle Garden.


The famous «City of Winds» in Morocco. Here is the port where the episode of «Game of Thrones» was filmed. Atmospheric medina and the famous kite spot.

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is a truly heavenly place, especially for Africa. Palm trees, shady trails and lakes with clear and cold water. Would you risk jumping off a cliff into the lake? Impressions for a lifetime :)

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Requirements due to Covid-19

On September 30, 2022, the National Airports Authority of Morocco canceled all requirements: a PCR test and a vaccination certificate are no longer required. To visit the kingdom, you will only need a filled and printered health passenger form.

How to book

1. Checking flights

Please write to us. Together we’ll check the availability of flights for the selected dates and select the best flight option. Popular routes from Europe:
1. Paris — Agadir
2. Madrid — Marrakech
3. London — Marrakech

2. Booking dates

We’ll check the availability of places in the camp for your dates and discuss your future home: what kind of villa and room it will be.

3. Making an advance payment

After agreeing on all the details of the trip, you’ll make an advance payment of 15% of the amount. Payment is made through a secure payment gateway (optionally, you can also pay by invoice). The remaining amount is paid already at the camp.


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