Military tour is a great opportunity for Foreign tourists to enjoy something new and authentic. We provide tank rides, shooting and other military activities accompanied by professional interpreters.

Our events take place on 2 different polygons near Moscow. 4 different tanks and ACP’s take part. All tourists can make photos on the military vehicles, with guns, and have lunch. Some photos and videos from our events:

T-34 tank ride:

Reconnaissance vehicle-1 (BRM-1) ride:

APC-1 gun dry shot:


Every participant recieves nominal tankman’s certificate:

There are 2 main options:

Option 1. Join the regular rides

The regular rides take place 1-2 times a month. The price depends on the date and type of military vehicle.

You may find out the nearest days and price for them via contacts for English speakers (on the page bottom).

Option 2. Order a tour just for you

Individual tours take place on any date you want. But you should book it an advance.

You may see standard offers below, but we can add extra services, such as transfer, photography, dinner etc.

To find out the price for your tour contact us via contacts for English speakers (on the page bottom).


The price depends on the date, location and military vechicle type. Please contact us to find it out or visit the main web-page (in Russian).


Different military vehicles take part in our tours:

  • T-34
  • T-55
  • Copy of German Jagdpanther tank
  • ハ号 (Type 95) – Japanese tank
  • APC-40
  • APC-1, APC-2.

Extra service


Dry shot from tank’s gun – 8000 RUR. Be noticed, dry shot is an imitation.

Dry shooting from different weapons:

  • AK-47 (10 shots) – 1500 RUR
  • RPK – Kalashnikov Machine Gun (10 shots) – 1500 RUR
  • German MP-38 (10 shots) – 1500 RUR
  • Anti-tank gun (1 shot) – 1500 RUR


Price depends on the chosen polygon and a number of tourists. Standard offer: passenger car which can move up to 3 people there and back. It’s 6500 RUR. If you need a bus, please contact us.


10 000 RUR per grour.

For other extra services please contact us.

How to pay

We always ask for a prepayment. We need it to prapare vechicles and personnel. The sum of prepayment is being discussed individually. The rest is payed on the polygon, cash only.

You may use different ways to make a prepayment.

  1. Meet with our manager and pay cash. No comission.
  2. Pay using invoice of our company. Comission 10%.
  3. Transfer money to a bank card. No comission from us.
  4. Western Union. No comission from us.

Contact us

We will reply in English.

Telegram: @mosextreme
WhatsApp (chat only): +74993228182