Neglinnaya is the underground river, originating from the north, passing under the Kremlin and flowing into the Moscow river. It will be of interest to those who want to look at the ancient brick arches and touch on the historical events of the late 19th — early 20th centuries, following in the footsteps of Moscow historian, writer and researcher V.A. Gilyarovsky.


Where: Neglinnaya underground river. Start and finish are both in Moscow downtown: near Dostoevskaya and Trubnaya subway stations.
How long: 2,5 — 3 hours.
When: All year round. At 14:00 and 20:00 on the weekend, at 20:00 on weekdays. But not every day: please check the nearest dates with us.

  • Safety Instruction
  • Descent down the old brick collector
  • Walk through the new concrete collector
  • Inspection of the main gathering place of diggers
  • Descent to the ancient Gilyarovsky Trail (the collector of the year 1914)
  • Inspection of an abandoned construction site of the sanitary collector


If none of you speak Russian we highly recommend you to order a translator for 6500 rub per group. Sometimes the guide accepts to conduct a full group of foreigners in English, but it may be possible if there are at least 4 persons.

If some of you speak Russian and will translate for the others — that’s no problem. But we don’t allow foreigners to join a Russian group with no any translator — you will understand nothing.


You may make photos yourself for free. Please be noticed: it’s impenetrable dark in Neglinnaya, light comes only from personal lights

If you want to get good photos, we recommend to order a professional photography for 5850 rub per group.

30 элемент(ы)


Who leads. Excursions are conducted by a digger with experience of more than 10 years. He will not only take you to interesting places in underground Moscow, but also tell the history of these places and share his personal stories. It happens that the main guide is replaced by a spare (also a great guy). They also lead large groups together.

Composition of the group. The tours are being lead in groups. The average number is 5-6 people.

Temperature and smell. Rainwater flows through the collectors. The humidity here is high. In summer, it is slightly cooler than on the surface. In winter, on the contrary, it is warmer. All year round it’s about 5-10 degrees Celsius. There is no unpleasant smell: this is not a sewer!

Children are allowed, however, you should pay attention: all participants put on high shoe covers. A height of at least 160 cm is recommended for comfortable movement. Please tell us if any member of your group is younger than 18. Children can only go with parents who are responsible for them.

Health restrictions. The event is not suitable for people with cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary diseases, as well as those suffering from mental disorders, including fear of the dark and confined spaces. Also note that the tour is active, you will have to climb the stairs with crossbars, bend down, go down the incline, holding on to the rope. If you have health problems, please consult with us in advance.


Issued on the spot

  • Special shoe covers
  • Headlight
  • Light cotton gloves

Please take

  • Clothes that do not mind stain.
  • Shoes that do not mind getting dirty.
  • Jeans / pants should have harnesses — belt loops. Shoe covers are tied there.
  • If you go in the winter — we recommend that you take your gloves. Light cotton gloves are worn on top of them — it’s convenient. If wear cotton gloves only — it’s cold.

Please note: rubber from shoe covers may leave black marks on shoes. They are laundered, but we recommend taking those shoes that are not a pity.

Take if you want

  • Hand lamp (extra light)
  • Camera
  • Backpack for excess clothing

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